Workplace conflicts are inevitable. The companies are composed of people, with different personalities and different ideas (even if all serve the same goal).
Sometimes these personalities and ideas collide, as already said it is normal that there is disagreement, the important thing is to manage it well. The disagreement is not necessarily negative, even if regulated in the right way can help relations at work and work processes themselves.
These kind of conflicts often become exhausting when the confrontation transcends the respect of the different ideas of the individuals involved, or if it overextends to personal rather than “disagreements at work”, that is why recognition in the conflict must be immediate. The immediate recognition of the conflict allows to avoid the degeneration of the same and make it remain within the confines of a clash of opinions related only to the work process.
we suggest advice to learn how to handle conflict, The tips are three: “speaking directly” (it’s better to know what’s wrong rather than hiding it), “be respectful in behavior” (not to give in to anger or sarcasm, you can confront each other without hurting each other) and “be curious” (it’s ok to say what we think is right but it’s also important to know why another person has another idea).
The conflict must be seen as a starting point or a renewal, otherwise there is the risk of undermining the whole organization to the detriment of all