In June 2017, a serious episode of racism was reported in Canada at Rapid Access To Medical Specialists Clinic (Missisauga, Ontario): a white woman has specifically requested a white doctor to cure her son. Unfortunately, over the years, other incidents have occurred. In a CNN Health article of October 26, 2016, the problem of racism in medicine is defined as “an open secret”.

Jennifer Adaeze Okwerekwu (physician and STAT columnist) recounts her experience of racism in medicine, perceived as a child sometimes subtly, sometimes more explicitly as an adult.

In her experience, she realized that there is a lack of method in dealing with this plague, citing a small part of her article on Stat “We have to learn to communicate better: We have to find ways to stand up for our collagues When they’re insulted by patients-or by others on staff. “

We, Edif Instruments, believe the racist episodes must be condemned inside and out of the workplace, and we hope we no longer have to hear such news.

We invite anyone to reflect on this issue starting from Jennifer A. Okwerekwu’s article