A study by the University of Edinburgh is evaluating the combined use of two tests, a brain test and a blood test that can help physicians prevent the possibility of a second case of deadly strokes.
This new method could change the way of handling the strokes caused by the brain bleeding, know as interacerebral haemorrage (ICH) in a new way.
The Scottish research team used Computed Tomography (CT) combined with a blood test aimed to test a gene called APOE, which is connected to the condition known as Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy (CAA). CAA can cause ICH with a great risk of further strokes and dementia.
By combining the use of CT scan images with the blood test, researchers can identify whether an ICH is caused by CAA.
ICH accounts for up to 50% of all strokes worldwide and and about half of those affected die within one year.
This new approach can improve the ICH diagnosis with great results.
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