Are you curious to see the clearest image of the Zika virus?
The image of the “colorful” virus, similar to a particular beach ball, has been published on Structure. data as of February 2018 state that the virus has spread to 86 countries. With this new image of Zika virus,  currently widespread in 86 countries (WHO data), researchers can work to better set up diagnosis, treatment and perhaps a vaccine.
The image of the virus was “taken” by Michael G. Rossmann and his team at Purdue University with the cryio-electron microscopy technique.
The results were excellent, the image obtained is a resolution of 3.1 angstroms.
Rossman said, “So we have a pretty good idea at three angstroms what the atoms are doing.”.
With this resolution, researchers can better compare the Zika structure with other related viruses such as Japanese encephalitis or Dengue virus.
Having an accurate image of the virus’ structure provides researchers with a group of important information on how to combat it. Unfortunately, at the moment we are still far from the formulation of a vaccine, but certainly steps have been taken in the fight against Zika.
Moreover, as stated by Madhumati Sevvana, the study’s first author “That’s what we’re doing,” he continued “We’re learning how these viruses work. Then we can manipulate the virus and avoid disease”.
if you are interested in more information, we advise you to read the STAT article.