Computational pathology is certainly a complex subject, according to the definition given in the article “Computational Pathology: an emerging definition” “the computational pathology is “an approach to diagnosis that incorporates multiple sources of raw data […], extracts biologically and clinically relevant information from those data; uses mathematical models at the levels of molecules, individuals, and populations to generate diagnostic inferences and predictions; dynamic and integrated reports and interfaces, enabling physicians, patients, laboratory personnel, and other health care system stakeholders to make the best possible medical decisions”.
In a discipline such as Pathology, based on observation, computational pathology can assist pathologists in making better and better diagnoses and take further steps forward in precision medicine, but obviously a series of questions rise about integration and synthesis between “old” and “new” methods.
“What help will pathologists have?”, “What is computational pathology?” “how will the lab workflow change”? to these and other questions the site, with the support of three experts in digital pathology, computer science and computational pathology tries to answer with a deep and due reflection in a multidisciplinary field like this. Reflection that we warmly hear to read.