Conflict in workplaces is an important issue, to which many people often try to escape, as it is considered inconvenient, but risking that the issue will turn into something without solution.
A certain level of conflict, when people works together is inevitable, the important thing is to identify it and manage it, to avoid precisely, that can undermine the entire organization. The triggering factors can be various: individual (incompatibility between people, great diversity of opinions), communicative factors (lack of definition of “border areas” between people or poor information) and organizational factors (a bad organization in company or an excessive competition among employees).
Every manager must know how to manage the conflict between employees and prevent them from degenerating to the detriment of everyone. In fact, conflicts on workplaces could be an high cost for companies
The ways of managing these conflicts are varied, certainly the most effective (but not always easy to apply) is the win / win approach. It is a solution similar to compromise but not exactly the same, requires great analytical skills and excellent knowledge of the staff, with this approach we can find a solution that satisfies both sides truly.
The path to follow for a win / win approach is not simple, but if we pursue it we can improve all the company’s productivity.
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