Decision making is never a simple process.
In any company, periodically, there are difficult choices to make with long meetings where it is discussed the best direction to follow.
Teams in companies are often heterogeneous , in their composition, they can integrate differences in languages, cultures, skills, and so on. Often there may be differences in age, for example scientific teams often have great age differences.
The composition of an intergenerational team can have significant differences. In addition to any background difference. it  adds older people who have seen many things change with a lot of experience and younger people who can bring a new vision, greater enthusiasm but perhaps a lack of experience.
Proper management of such a team is not easy, but finding the right formula can lead to great results. Some tips in guiding the decision-making process can be to give everyone the same and complete information, or have specific parameters for decisions. Other tips you can read in this article.
The important thing for the team leader is to imagine a clear idea of how to combine the various backgrounds, manage the expectations and involvement of everyone. Surely it is not a simple thing but you can get great satisfaction.