The energy consumption of the laboratories is very high. A laboratory uses about 5 times the amount of energy used in a typical office location. It is useless to say that this creates an important environmental impact
The spikes in a laboratory can be of various types, both as regards the consumption of energy and water, which, for example, the excessive use of disposable material etc.
Organizations such as My Green Lab help laboratories reduce waste with more efficient use of available resources.
The approach to sustainability (according to Allison Pradise, My Green Lab executive director), must be “holistic” and be interested in many aspects of resource management.
The reduction of energy and the use of “green” practices is the new challenge that laboratories must overcome in order to reduce their impact on the environment. A greater diffusion of these practices (such as a wise use of energy and water) could be visible with a positive impact as well as on the environmental side also on the economic side.
If you are interested in the “holistic” approach to reducing the resources in the laboratory, we advise you to read this important article fromĀ Lab Manager.