Are you afraid of business meetings in your company? Sometimes during work meetings, you can be called to intervene, providing answers, opinions and ideas. Needless to say, it is a delicate moment in which embarrassment and negative emotions can prevail. It is obvious and, in part, to be worried about it, but instead of crossing your fingers and hoping not to be the person talking you can try to exploit the situation to make a good impression. In fact, talking to a rione is a┬ákind of public speaking with its strengths and weaknesses. In this case “the audience” is generally composed of a few people (sometimes), but they tend to know you (or should know you).
Harvard Business Review provides a series of useful tips to apply in these situations, among the various we can cite the “preparation before each meeting”, so as to be fully aware about the topics. “Start talking slowly”, taking a deep breath before speaking can be a way to rearrange ideas and not be taken by surprise. “Preparing for answers”, there may be some routine response phrases that can be used as a countermeasure in some stages of the meeting.
If you want to know the complete list of advice, please read the HBR article.