Work in the laboratory, although protected by a series of guidelines, presents a series of risks.
Incidents can occur, sometimes without serious consequences, but sometimes with extremely negative results. Speaking of extreme consequences, Everyone knows how dramatic it is to find a case of serious injury, or worse, death in the laboratory, such as the Sheri Sangji case.
The accidents in the laboratory are various, such as slips, and falls (just to name a few) and they happen very often but are easily avoidable, even with a better organization of space and, very important, with the construction of a lab safety culture.
In data provided by UCLA Center for Laboratory Safety among the major causes there are laceration/ cut/bite, needle prick and thermal burn (this just to mention the first three positions).
It seems silly to say, but attention to safety must be primary and it is never enough.
Health and safety are things that must never be neglected, especially in these cases.
Regarding the prevention of some of these incidents we recommend this labmanager article.