Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is sadly known a chronic autoimmune disease affecting the central nervous system.
Unfortunately, the symptoms can vary from person to person because they are dependent on which part of the central nervous system is attacked by the disease (symptoms may include: blindness, fatigue, hearing loss etc.)
These days a new study from the University of Bergen in Norway tells us that a blood test aimed at controlling levels of a nerve protein, the Neurofilament Light Chain (NFL) can monitor MS activity in people with the disease.
High levels of NFL in the cerebrospinal fluid can be found in the presence of various diseases such as MS and Alzheimer’s but not only.
Dr. Varhaug and her team from University of Bergen want to find a “better clinical way”, through NFL blood levels to monitor MS activity.
Having an MS biomarker in the blood would certainly be more advantageous in monitoring activities than other more invasive operations such as taking spinal fluid samples.
If you are interested in learning more details about this study, we recommend you take a look at the Medical News Today article.