Procrastination, as we all know, is that behavior that makes us put a task, action, or duty in favor of other tasks for us more enjoyable.
It’s superfluous to say that this behavior is clashing with productivity at work, it’s important for companies and workers, and is also part of time management’s critical issues.
Sometimes, however, it happens to everyone to procrastinate their duties, for the most varied reasons as distraction, disorganization, fear etc.
The curious thing is that procrastination is contrary to our interests, but it is a normal human condition.
Procrastination is unproductive but it happens, so pay attention to the consolidation of this bad habit, which comes to influence different areas of life with worrying and problematic results.
Some suggestions for “serial procrastinators” can be a list of the most important things and do immediatly, share your responsibility with someone in order to establish a fruitful collaboration, evaluate the end results.
Fighting the habit of procrastinating is crucial to improving our productivity, though it does not seem to be tackling without delay the uncomfortable activity helps us save time that is the thing that really matters.