Introducing HIVE

HIVE is the platform to quickly build your own OEM and focus on promoting your brand.

HIVE is the name we give to our service specifically designed to simplify and quickly build your own OEM fully automatic analyzer for clinical chemistry and turbimetric immunochemistry tests. Edif has developed a framework of hardware and software to help clients rapidly realize their projects from the initial idea to the final result. We combine modular platforms, the highest professional standards, and expertise to a day-by-day collaboration with hundreds of suppliers and other customers, making a very new way of doing consulting.


Modern design

A  modern and fresh design to differentiate your analyzer from the Edif brand. Modular customizable components to have a unique product on the market.


Be part of the HIVE community and take advantage of the technological synergies produced by other OEM customers.


In-depth customization

With the help of our designers mo more in-depth in the development and customize more advanced modules. Develop your own assemblies.


Save time and money

No need for consistent investments or long project development for a new chassis.

Our approach enables you to rapidly recognize, build and sustain the aim skills needed to continuously improve performance and deliver impact. Nowadays, companies face problems that are complex and they need access to a wider knowledge and abilities, HIVE is a 360° solution to let you work easier and faster, focusing on your core competencies.