Burnout syndrome (BOS) is one of the most serious consequences of a strong stress-induced process.
Unfortunately, it is a disease that is growing and afflicts contemporary societies ( for example, according to Statista in Usa money, workplace and family responsibilities are three important stress factors). BOS can grow in all workiplaces, but in particular it has an higher incidence in care, healthcare and medicine professions.
This pathology is a result of several emotional responses and is a risk, that must be avoided to protect both employees and companies
Bos is in fact one of the major causes of absenteeism and it is a danger that can lead to the loss of their employees,
The triggering factors are many, including: overwork, poor work-life balance management, lack of value recognition e and other causes related to the personality of each of us.
Please take a look to these 8 tips to prevent BOS related dangers via Lab Manager.