Burnout is one of the worst problems that can afflict a worker.
It is a syndrome that comes from a strong and long stress process.
As we had already written in a previous post, This pathology is a result of several emotional responses and is a risk that must be avoided to protect both employees and companies.
But if we find ourselves in the situation of being affected by Burnout we can try to understand how to recover the energies that this syndrome drains from people.
The relationship with work can really be very delicate, who is affected by Burnout can feel exhausted, without energy and inconclusive. It is very important to recognize the symptoms to intervene in time. change is above all psychological, so it is from the brain that we need to start to recognize the symptoms and recover lost energy and health.
Sometimes, the person in burnout feels like he is trapped.  For example, it is useful, if possible, to take several breaks during work, or try to ask for a deadline extension.In this regard, Edif always tries to set a good level of work-life balance to protect the health of the employees, for example it is important to pay attention to the amount of the employees’ working-hours so as to not reach an overload.
The steps to be taken to fight the burnout are not simple and often have to be done gradually. In this regard, the suggestions of Elizabeth Grace Saundres from HBR.COM are very useful.