In workplaces, ti was a standard practice to give feedback to employees once a year with a performance review, but this part was not always something that paid attention to the development of the employee’s career.
As often happens, things change over the years and the annual feedback can be considered obsolete.
Over the years the way companies work has changed, and also the type of relationship that binds managers and workers/employees. Dialogue between the two parties can sometimes be better than a “cold” annual test.
If the conditions exist, it is good to establish a dialogue between managers and employees in order to “build” together a path, for the employee that can lead to personal and career improvement, and also to face greater responsibilities, making a direct comparison with who, hierarchically, is above him and has a wider vision of the company’s objectives and the results to be achieved.
Since the conversation with employees and collaborators is not an annual event, the interaction must be guided by a sincere interest in the interlocutor.
Formal and informal conversations can be established and so that some information can be discussed, also in view of an improvement in working conditions.
Also, as mamanger, observation is very important, to see the fludidity (or non-fluidity) of the work routine. What are the opportunities, problems and future perspectives of a single person.
Establish periodic conversations is not easy for any manager, it takes a lot of self-discipline especially considering the pace of work.
Like all long-term activities, results will often not be immediate, and conversations will vary from person to person, but once the conversation becomes informal and routine, the easier it will be to address various topics and build a stronger and frank relationship between managers and employees.
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