Job Satisfaction is a very important factor, and is connected to the productivity of companies,
What are the characteristics of job satisfaction? there are multiple: “easy” communication with management, recognition, safe environment, flexibility, good work-life balance etc.
This is true for companies and obviously also for healthcare workers, who may be subjected to a high level of stress and responsibility.
Frequent staff turnover is a sign of low satisfaction, but different strategies can be adopted to increase workers’ wellbeing and happiness (with a consequent positive impact on productivity).

1) scheduling methodology: the balance between work and private life is fundamental for the satisfaction of the worker, an organization can try a traditional scheduling or a self-scheduling, the important thing is that you create a functional balance.

2) availability of resources: a number of staff must always be present, can be integrated with an appropriate scheduling by studying the workflows and checking which are the peaks, we must avoid having a lack of staff.

3) Reduction of last-minute recruitment: the recruitment of resources is always possible, but if you can apply the recommendations in point 1 and 2, recruitment instead of being last-minute can be well planned.

4) fair policy: this avoids frustration among colleagues, uniform rules and practices to avoid dispiritities and feelings of envy.

5) transparency: you can decide to make public information such as scheduling work shifts, or some communications, both within the department and between different departments (depending on the situation).

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