Solid leadership is a primary factor in managing a team.
This role is often the result of a career progression, it is a very important change that needs to be dealt with at best.
Leadership styles are different, they can change based on age and experience. The charisma (presumed or real) is not the only quality that serves to lead a team, other skills such as knowing about collaborators, or knowing how to share the strategy with the team, contribute to creating a mutual trust that is crucial in achieving a goal.
The impact of leadership is fundamental to an organization, increasing this impact is an opportunity for every business.
It can happen to several people who, in a career advancement, have to play a leading role, this does not have to frighten, but rather lead to the birth of the right motivational force, to embrace the leadership position.
In the new assignment (as the Harvard Business Review explains) it is essential to give the right signals to the staff and make the most of their potential.