Is it possible to work with small teams in a more agile organization, even if it is large?
Yes, but with the right mindset and some organizational measures.
Many agile organizations, even if large, instead of having a few teams composed of many people, prefer to increase the number of teams, composed of fewer people but more oriented towards a goal and with more agility in pursuing it.
The speed and dedication to the goal of a team is the result, of course, of the members, but also of the environment in which they operate and the ability of managers to exploit agility.
Often the companies have established decision-making processes that are certainly rigorous but at times cumbersome, which contrast with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlean organization and with small teams, which like small cells fit into one big organsm.
The independent teams are often a risk, which also requires a certain allocation of economic resources but strategically can become a great competitive advantage, obviously we must bet on the skills of individuals who must have a certain autonomy in decision making and carry out some actions. In order to obtain maximum productivity, it is advisable to include the best performing employees within these groups. Confidence within the team and towards the manager must be reciprocal, the one who supervises the team must also spend time in coaching, in being updated on every situation. learning new ideas and strategies.
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