During this period of pandemic and lockdown, small new traditions were born all over the world, to create a sense of community (applause to health workers, concerts on balconies, etc.).
The media rightly celebrate the great work that doctors and medical personnel are doing. A positive thing in this pandemic period is that various solidarity initiatives have multiplied around the world in support of the weaker parts of the communities. In all this, however, there is another side that has not yet been dealt with very much, the psychological repercussions on the short-medium term that this situation can generate, both for those on the front line as doctors and nurses (burnout syndrome, stress etc. ) and for other citizens who face the lockdown with uncertainties about their future (anxiety, depression etc.).
However difficult it is, it is important to protect mental and physical health, especially for medical personnel exposed in the first person in the fight against COVID-19.
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