Cases of anxiety and depression have increased in 2020, as expected, with the explosion of the Covid-19 pandemic as evidenced by a valuable study published in the Lancet.
The researchers found that cases of major depressive disorder and anxiety disorder increased by 28% and 26%, respectively, globally. This study is the first to have collected data on the mental impact of the pandemic.
Like other past studies, this one also noted that women are the most affected by the pandemic, were most at risk of losing their jobs or being victims of domestic violence, in fact cases of major depression have increased more among women. than among men.
Even younger people have particularly suffered from the impact of the pandemic, obviously the places where Covid-19 has affected the most have seen higher rates of growth in cases of anxiety and major depression.
Unfortunately it was not available to have updated data from all countries. Alize Ferrari, (a lead researcher at the Queensland Center for Mental Health Research in Australia and co-author of the study) and lead author Damian Santomauro, (also of the Queensland Center for Mental Health Research) know that the spread of these mental disorders was already on the rise before the emergence of Covid-19, so with the pandemic unfortunately these cases have certainly increased.
Santomauro and Ferrari underline an effort by the governments of the various countries as fundamental to address and resolve certain issues, in order to cure and prevent mental health problems among the population.
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