It is sad to say, but the occupational burnout has been included in the list of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD).
The symptoms of this syndrome can be summarized in three dimensions:
lack of energy, mental distance from work tasks and consequent professional inefficiency.
Forbes poses an important question regarding this subject, “what can leaders do to cure burnout in the workplace?”
In the article we can find five suggestions to follow to help our employees:
1- Honesty: Or try to see things for what they are and not delude yourself. It is important to recognize the symptoms and recognize them if present in some employee.
2 – Do not adopt easy solutions,
3- Do not harm with advice and effective solutions only in the very short term.
4-understand the cause, it is easy to think but difficult to identify, can it be the workload? corporate culture? the triggering factors can be multiple.
5- Precise solution, whatever the “treatment” to cure the syndrome, it must be followed step by step, otherwise it may not be effective.
Burnout is a condition that can be experienced by both leaders and employees, it is important for everyone to recognize and intervene before it gets worse and can have an extremely negative impact on the afflicted person’s private life.
If you want to learn more about these tips, we recommend that you take a look at Forbes’ article.