The laboratory manager has many responsibilities regarding the optimization and effectiveness of the laboratory.
In addition to worrying about internal lab issues, lab managers must learn to communicate effectively with those outside the lab.
All business functions have the utmost importance for a complex mechanism to work in the best way, it is human that people give more importance to something they know than something they do not know, there are some functions in a company outside the laboratory environment , and lab managers must learn to develop clear communication with people who do not always have the same scientific background as themselves. We should put ourselves in the shoes of others and understand what function they perform …
How do sales work? Manufacturing operations? Finance? etc. What are their goals and problems? The ideal would be to spend time with them to better understand certain dynamics
Take for example the purchase of a new instrument: simply exposing the technical qualities of the desired instrument may not be enough to convince other company functions to support this purchase.
What objectives can be achieved with this new instrument? which market segments can be reached? what are we going to improve? to be convincing one must have a good knowledge of the other company functions involved in these processes.
Getting full support isn’t easy.
The lab manager must never assume that others understand him, and in addition to studying the needs of others he must also be good at presenting his own, to ensure that in addition to being the one to understand others, others also understand the needs of the laboratory.
The process is difficult but if completed it will lead to excellent and profitable results.
Attention to remain humble, a mistake that managers often make is to consider their function more important than the others, the reality is that in a company all functions are interdependent and as a lab manager having a broad vision of the general objectives can only be a positive thing that obviously will benefit the lab.
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