Since its emergence, Covid-19 has increased people’s workflows and stress, especially for those working on the front lines.
New safety procedures are born for any job, obviously including that in the medical area.
A reduction and rationalization of surgical interventions was necessary due to this situation, obviously it is a decision that has negative consequences on people’s health.
Another important issue is that of learning. For those who are pathologists or studying to work in the medical field it becomes more difficult to increase their knowledge.
It must be said that the ease of access to data on the web has allowed the possibility of updating and finding information for daily descriptions and for the improvement of learning, having said that, the experience in the field is certainly limited at the moment.
Medical learning via the internet or remotely is a constant challenge, resources are increasing as well as a certain awareness, but this has problematic sides, such as the lack of real connection between people, even the lack of tangible aspects.
The Pathologist tried to use Expertpath tool, a digital resource for providing accurate information and making diagnoses.
The future of health is digital, on this all, doctors and educators seem to agree, but the ways must always be innovative and constantly improve to give satisfactory results, from wherever they are consulted.
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