Good leadership is always appreciated by employees (In Lab and outside lab), the impact on their mood is very important and can determine excellent results in productive and collaborative terms. But what is good leadership? Peter Drucker, management consultant, educator, and author identifies 9 components of great leadership, which combined together can give important results.

1. Care – when a leader cares sincerely for people (and not only), they are encouraged to give their best.

2. Listening – active listening is a precious quality, which must be nourished and preserved.

3. Safety – as for point 1, in this case the physical and psychological safety of our staff pushes them to trust and collaboration.

4. Share vulnerability – sharing some vulnerabilities can be surprisingly effective because it can foster mutual trust with collaborators and therefore mutual help.

5. Ask for help – some solutions can come from collaborators, just ask.

6. Establish purpose – A clear purpose is very important and can help more than one, albeit well-defined company vision.

7. Demonstrate grit – Release some emotions, such as grit (which is a combination of passion and

8. Giving – sharing knowledge, building a network and creating a real culture of giving can have countless benefits for everyone

9. Independence – it is not simple but it is essential with your staff to share a sense of responsibility and accountability in order to increase these qualities while maintaining a spirit of collaboration

10. Decision making – Deciding (even if wrong) is better than not deciding, and the propensity to make clear decisions must not only belong to the leader but also to the staff.

11. Constant learning – there is little to say about it, continuous learning leads to improvement.

12. Enable growth – Employees must find fertile ground to grow with constructive feedback, this means not only highlighting their strengths but also analyzing their weaknesses

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