The Covid-19 emergency is hitting the whole world, as we all know a global pandemic has been declared by the WHO.
This is obviously a very stressful situation that we are all experiencing, with consequences not only on physical but also mental health. There are various reasons why our mental toughness is put to the test. A certain level of anxiety can also be positive because it promotes awareness, but beyond a certain limit there may be the risk of a mental breakdown.
the State site identifies seven specific factors that cause stress in this situation.
Some factors are medical uncertainty and unfamiliarity with a new virus.
Some uncertain choices of the various national governments
The unpredictable consequences that this pandemic generates, such as lockdowns. The Stat has identified 7 reasons (in the US, but which are applicable more or less worldwide) why it is difficult to manage anxiety in these uncertain times. If you are interested we recommend reading this article from In the meantime, take care of yourself and others.