There are many ways in which we think about the concept of “diversity”, generally we refer to differences in nationality, gender, religion etc. yes, this idea is certainly part of the concept of diversity but there are also other particularities to keep an eye on, for example the difference between people’s backgrounds, ways of thinking and the way they work. If these particularities are missing in a work environment, and above all do not integrate with each other, it is more difficult to obtain results and new successes in the long term. suggests 4 ways to attract candidates with different talents to your company:

1) People with great talents could have similar friends, they could become ambassadors in some associations and attract similar people

2) Pick up from University, Selecting talents at the end of their studies can be a way to develop customized capacity development programs, even for very different people and integrate them into the corporate culture.

3) Managers can correct some of their errors of judgment through integrating training.

4) What are the benefits of including company diversity? (extended maternity / paternity leave, gym areas exclusive for women? pay equity? These and other things are fundamental in attracting the diversity of talents.

Diversity is not only a fair value to follow, but it is also excellent from a business perspective. Diversity integration efforts, if well integrated, offer great results. Everyone needs new ways to approach and overcome challenges, so you need to invest and gain a huge competitive advantage.
If you want to know all the details of these tips we recommend you to take a look at the Labmanager article.