Ergonomic annoyances, when repetitive work is carried out even if sedentary, unfortunately they can be usual.
In a repetitive job (in the laboratory but not only) there are many movements that are repeated several times (writing on a keyboard, using the mouse, etc.), some of such movements, involving muscles, tendons, etc. can lead to injury risks. These risks are also aggravated by incorrect posture.
The number of repeated actions should be balanced and reduced so as not to stress tendons and muscles. One of the ways to heal, or better to prevent, problems of this kind is to introduce micro-breaks, which are even better than one long pause. In general it is difficult to examine the routine of our work actions, the ideal would be to make them as efficient as possible, that is to avoid as much as possible the repetition of some actions even managing to “cut” redundant actions, but obviously depends on the type of task must complete. If you are looking for suggestions on this topic, we recommend the LabManager article.