The offers a collection of the most interesting and wise phrases, which represent the thoughts of some of the best pathologists and laboratory medicine professionals.
This “small collection of aphorisms” can be a starting point for precious moments of reflection, often rare in everyday life.
Here are some:
“In any field – and especially in science – we achieve very little alone. To become independent, rigorous scientists with the vision to ask and answer important questions, we must be trained and mentored, supported and encouraged.”Benjamin Garcia

“One of the things I would tell myself is to be resilient. Resilience is key to being a great leader. I would also say to have fun, and always to focus on the end goal – which, for me, has always been the patient.” – Dame Sue Hill

“There’s no magic recipe to maintaining a healthy work-life balance – and, sometimes, something has to give!” – Anant Madabhushi

Enjoy the reading!