The Burnout Syndrome (BOS), which we have talked about several times, is a disease that in fact is the sum of various stress factors that generates a negative emotional response, and as we know, it has a particular incidence in the medical and medical professions. healthcare.
It goes without saying that the spread of the pandemic has done nothing but increase stress and increase the daily challenges in the entire world population, with particular pressure on health personnel, doctors, laboratories etc.
Labmanager offers us a series of strategies to follow for lab managers (but not only) in order to better face these difficult times:

1) Strict scheduling: the work routine and organization must be as precise as possible, especially now.

2) Focus on one task at a time: it’s ok to be multitasking but focus is essential

3) Delegation: You can’t solve everything alone, the team has to give its contribution

4) Take outdoor breaks: whether you work in the laboratory or at home, a break in the open air can only do you good

5) Speak to peers: Having people with the same role to consult with can only be positive

6) Take advantage of peer resources: in the same way read the article, follow webinairs or virtual conferences, these activities can give useful ideas to improve the work.

7) Educate yourself: be up to date with the facts of the pandemic, how much does the virus spread? misinformation can be fatal

8) Maintain your team’s morale: the situation we are experiencing can be frightening, it is not easy but collaboration is necessary. You have to talk a lot or create small “diversions” to keep morale high

9) Seek out professional help: we are not infallible, if necessary we must seek and give help.

10) Just breathe: it sounds silly but, it can really be useful!

We advise you to go into the details of each strategy by taking a look at the Labmanager article!