Being a leader, in a laboratory or not, has the task of managing the people who make up a team, and their growth is essential for the growth of your company.
Here are some tips for doing this mentorship task in the best possible way:

1) Give your attention

a leader / mentor is not only available, but schedules an individual meeting with each team member weekly, in order to analyze well together objectives, problems etc.

2) Learn to ask great questions

Experience leads leaders to have strong problem solving skills, but to stimulate the same mentality in the team, not to give solutions but stimulate them to find them, with questions like “wha’ts on you rmind?”, “What’ss the real challenge for you here? “, you train them to have a problem-solving mindset.

3 – help them grow

the best members of a team stay where there are opportunities for growth. Learn about their goals and prepare a path for them to achieve them, or help them identify areas where they can improve.

4- take responsibility for their results

The results your employees bring are your responsibility, for better or for worse, so their failure is also your responsibility.

5-constant growth

if you as a leader have clear what your goals are and how to achieve them, even those around you will be more stimulated to achieve theirs, with mutual help in pursuing the goals.

the balance between being a boss and a mentor is very subtle but fundamental, generally the best managers are also good mentors and manage to maintain a balance between the two roles, with excellent results.
Regarding this topic, we recommend the Labmanager article, good reading!