In a generalized WFH situation within a company, all employees are in the same condition, different is when one is in a hybrid phase in which there are those who work from home and those who work in the company.
Those who are not present risk that their image becomes blurred, within the team and towards their boss, because in any case human contact is a fundamental part of relationships.
Here are four strategies suggested by HBR to avoid the fading of your work image in these cases:
1) Advance or improve deliveries.
Before the pandemic there was a negative prejudice towards the WFH, certainly now it is overcome but it is always good to be more efficient and more precise than the other colleagues if they are present in the office, not for reasons of competition but precisely because the type of relationship at a distance it can give a negative perception and extend some response times and problem solving
2) create remote connection
people who work in the same environment are more easily able to create a personal relationship and this helps to strengthen their relationships, this also affects the work of course, for those who work remotely this is more difficult and to establish relationships between colleagues based exclusively on “data and reports” can be counterproductive, whoever is in WFH has to try harder to build certain ties, it is not simple but it is very important
3) Make yourself visible whenever possible
If you are in WFH go to the office from time to time to establish relationships with your colleagues, so that they put a face on a name, if possible try to connect with them via video call in order to have more eye contact.
4) Make sure it is easy to connect with you
Being a remote worker, no matter how connected, it will never be easy to communicate with you as with an employee in the office, every manager takes care of the means of communication (mail, phone calls, zoom or other), tries to understand what is the preferred means of the your manager and adapt to that, after all an easier connection with you, as with the other team members improves everyone’s productivity and work!

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