Tools, and data are all fundamental things in a laboratory, but competent staff (or workers) is even more so.
Facilitating the transfer of knowledge and help between members is essential nowadays.
We even think of reducing the divisions between the environments to break down the barriers between the various teams.
One idea to facilitate knowledge transfer is to create a common space for research services that no longer become departmental property.
Not for all laboratories a complete redesign is possible, the suggestions given by Labmanager are:

-Create opportunities for individuals to present or share work outside their department.

-Convert “owned” space into “shared” space. For example, reusing a departmental conference room in a comfort space that encourages fortuitous interaction.

-Do not duplicate the destinations. Ensure that destinations are unique so that effort can be made to visit and reuse duplicate spaces to meet other needs.

– Provide incentives (for example, group lunches or extra vacation days) for those who wish to improve collaboration and use their personal time to train data science skills.

– Incorporate team spaces along common travel routes, at intersections and within the laboratory.

If you want to know more you can read the Labmanager article.