Despite the presence in the company of brilliant minds, however, managers often find themselves overloaded with work.
The idea is that we focus on priorities, but we know that sometimes theory is different from practice. These situations affect both small and large companies.
Pay attention to how you delegate.

1) Lack of critical thinking

Sometimes in meetings the personnel involved do not always necessarily develop critical thinking, because often the team intervenes only on some “answers” of the manager and not anticipating dele questions.

2) Lack of quality

To boost the team in providing qualitatively efficient answers and solutions the manager could provide them with a list of common mistakes that are made and what you would like them to do instead.
If there is a problem the manager may report it and request a repair (just don’t report it).

3) Lack of Speed

CEOs often work and think at a “faster” speed than the rest of the company, which is quite normal, being the most experienced.
The CEO might ask a team member how long he thinks a particular task will take, if the answer doesn’t satisfy him he can ask why and how the process is accomplished.
Better investigating the stages and results of delegation failures can improve delegation managers and teams to work better on their productivity and efficiency.

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