If something assures us of results, it is human nature to try to replicate it and not deviate from that model or paradigm.
This obviously also happens in hiring new members in a company, the idea is that if one employee X has produced positive results, another employee similar to him will give similar results.
This however reduces the diversity of thought and thus blocks new ideas.
Other known aspects of diversity are those of, race, gender, sexual orientation etc.
Here are four practical tips for building teams with different backgrounds and performing:

1) Start with the C-Suite: If C-Suite members don’t see the lack of diversity it will be difficult to repropriate in the rest of the company.
2) Advertise goals in diversity
Having a good balance of manager diversity, or obtaining results based on this, should be widely publicized within the company.
3) Diversify your panel in hiring
Managers tend to hire people similar to them, it is a normal bias, to avoid this it is advisable to diversify the panel of interviewers.
4) Review the job position requirements
Sometimes it is necessary, precisely to increase the percentage of diversity, to reconsider a series of parameters in the choice of candidates.

Looking at a future horizon is necessary to survive in the market and cannot be obtained by looking at the past. If these tips have been useful to you, we recommend reading the HBR article on this topic