Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that emergencies must be dealt with in a timely manner.
In these cases it is important for the manager to plan some strategies so as to be able to carry out the laboratory activities:

– Make sure every staff member has a good internet connection for the WFH.
Furthermore, it is advisable to have a Cloud so that the data is accessible to everyone, and perhaps also protocols and procedures.

– It is possible that you may find yourself managing a shortage of staff
Cross-training of staff is very important so that staff can be reassigned to other functions if necessary,It may be wise to outsource critical functions whenever possible. It is an evaluation that must be done well in advance.

– Establishing a leadership succession plan in advance, there may be other events beyond the pandemic that can reduce staffing, train and have such a plan helps to create stability among staff, so that everyone knows what to do in time of need .

– Social distancing in the laboratory and in the company is another fundamental factor in times like these, the manager must be able to organize shifts to make the staff work, this management of space as well as in the Covid-19 pandemic can be reused even in situations where part of the facility cannot be used, staff to work from home and staff to work on site can be designated to facilitate this process.
Planning these situations in advance is essential in order not to be unprepared, even in the face of the most unexpected event.

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