Everyone, for their work, hopes for a fulfilling carreer, there are various ways to achieve this goal, surely one is to cultivate good relationships, inside and outside the workplace. Good social coonections feed a person’s psychological well-being, which in turn can have a positive impact on the companies themselves (reduction of burnout rates, increase in employee retention, increase in performance etc.)
Building a solid and edifying network of relationships is not easy, but an effort in this direction helps the person to prosper both in private and in working life and it is better to intervene before a moment of crisis and not after.
identify nourishing relationships is not simple, with whom do we feel we share more, with analtic people?, with pragmatic people? with ambitious people? It seems a foolish exercise but understanding which relationships are most in line with our goals and motivations serves to increase our strength.
Investing in this type of connections and friendship is important both on and off the job. The importance we give to some goals, such as job satisfaction, a high salary etc, risk making us lose sight of the importance of our social connections, which surely help improve our lives and, why not, achieve our professional goals.
If you want some advice about this, have a look at Rob Cross article on Harvard Business Review.