The pandemic, for people and for any organization, is what anthropologists call a liminal experience, or an important transition where one comes out changed anyway.

Experiences of this type have certain characteristics:

– they foresee a prolonged separation from usual “structures” and routines.

– there is a detachment from many familiar things, especially some relationships.

-when this experience ends, it comes out transformed anyway

The pandemic certainly represents a limanle experience for us all, besides its negative sides it can bring some reflections.
When we get out of this experience we will have to rethink our pre-Covid cultures.
Business organizations will need to rethink their cultures to be stronger after the pandemic, here are some tips:

-Emerging gradually: not all of us will emerge from the pandemic in the same way, so the focus on the activities to be done will have to be gradual and calibrated as much as possible for each person.

Identify what to keep and what to discard: In times of crisis like this, it’s important to focus on practices that have a constructive purpose and discard those that no longer fit the situation.

Don’t lose the liminal altogheter:
the privations and difficulties we experience in situations such as the pandemic can lead to reflections but also to the discovery of resources.
People can be very adaptable even in difficult situations, and that is, they can represent a resource, on a personal and organizational level that we have not seen before, that can make us better and stronger collectively.
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