Long-term business successes are based on a few fundamental factors.
Managers succeed thanks to people, their team and collaborators.
It is necessary to find the right people for the job, if you are a manager and you do interviews with candidates, you have to treat them as if they were taking on the most critical job within the company, this is true in a sense because from their success depends on the success of the entire organization.
In choosing the right people it is not just who they are important, but how they fit into their tasks, and whether they can carry out a business plan.
When writing a business plan, you have to ask yourself
– what do I want to achieve in the short term?
– what is my long term goal?
– what research questions do i want to answer?
Long-term success comes through adaptation and analysis. A skilled manager must know how to do correct SWOT analysis: strengths and weaknesses can be within his own company, opportunities and threats outside.
Ignoring the SWOT analysis means failing, sooner or later.
Basically the three cornerstones of long-term success are:
1) have the right people for your job, without them failure is just around the corner.
2) structure a business plan based on your goals
3) have clear and medium-long term goals.
4) understand what you need to change and adapt to survive.
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