The dualism between Sales and Marketing departments is one of the dynamics that companies must be able to manage well so as not to find themselves spending resources to solve problems.
When a new product line fails, there can be various reasons, but we must always investigate if the areas of Marketing and Sales are aligned and are set towards a single goal.
Unfortunately it is a frequent situation, the two departments sometimes plan their steretances in a separate way, and this obviously goes against the whole company, also because in case of misalignment the sales force favors its objectives, with a consequent negative impact towards business strategies.
In this regard, Harvard Business Review conducted an experiment consisting of an interview with B2B sales people, submitting some scenarios with various combinations of business strategies and sales targets.
The mismatch between sales force and management results in discontent, mutual mistrust, lack of profits, use of additional resources to attract the client etc.
The research shows that often the reason for the clash between management and Sales is the price, from a department considered appropriate and on the other hand considered unsuitable for the market. The complexity of the various markets, the competition and the variety of customers makes it necessary to resolve this mismatch, perhaps through better communication and involvement of both in the planning of the strategies.
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