Let’s go back to talking about distance communication with the second part of the Labmanager article dedicated to this very important topic. As we already know, nowadays it is easier to support long distance communications at work.
The difficulty of having a team located in different cities or countries is to regulate the processes of communication and to maintain the leadership. Teleconference tools are fundamental in these cases, the sharing of screens during meetings helps to keep the attention high and increases the possibility of interaction of the participants.
For daily communications, however, it is good to use a good messaging service, which can actually be useful even in case of problems during teleconferences (for example in audio and video line disturbances, with writing you can make up for problems of this kind ).
These communication tools are useful because they allow these teams to remain in contact regardless of meetings and teleconferences, thus recreating, for example, some positive atmospere that can be created among workmates.
It is also important for the leader to have meetings with individual members of the team, which helps to strengthen the relationship with everyone and to resolve any conflicts within the team.
Driving a team is a fascinating challenge, the necessary use of technology must be balanced by a strong human relationship within the whole team, starting with the leader, the article Tools for Narrowing the Communication Gap Between Far-Flung Teams : Part II is certainly helpful in handling these situations.