Leading a team is not a simple challenge. Obviously having all the members available in the same place makes the thing simpler (or in theory it should be).
The challenge increases when the team to drive is dislocated, in different offices, in different cities … or even in different countries!
Every leader knows that it is important to maintain good relations with all the team members, even more so if you are far away, the geographical distance must not become a barrier to the interest that the leader must have for the work of his collaborators.
Keeping interest constant helps team members away to feel key parts of the project.
one of the best ways to build good replies with the members of the group is to meet them and share a meal with them, even with distant members (eating together is a strongly aggregating dynamic among individuals).
Other good practices can be the sharing of photos (in order to give a face to the names), also in meetings, even among distant people is good to even leave room to chat about the most varied topics so as to create a more humane link, not based only on job information.
If you want to know other important details for the guide to a good use of communication tools with distant teammates we recommend reading our previous post or this Labmanager’s article.