The workplace is one of the places we are present for most of our time, sometimes it can become like a second home or maybe not. As we all know from personal experiences or stories of friends and acquaintances, there are good working environments with healthy organizational cultures that produce positive effects on the productivity and wellbeing of employees, but there are also harmful working cultures, which reverberate their negative impact on employees which can reduce the company’s productivity.
Organizational culture often has deep roots and if change is harmful, it requires a great deal of transformations, even if the idea of ​​change comes from management.
The problems of a corporate culture can be among the most varied and are transversal in hierarchies, sometimes they can be more complex problems sometimes not.
There may be a lack of recognition of the value of those who work in the company. At other times, employees can not cooperate and respect each other.
Within the company, positive and negative behaviors, both from amangers and employees, can influence each other. As already explained, the modification of a corporate culture is not a simple thing, for example it should probably touch the cultural organizations’ scheme elaborated by Professor Edgar Schein (IE Artifacts, Values ​​and Assumptions).
Unfortunately, dealing with a difficult workplace is not an easy situation, it is important to carefully evaluate what the real possibilities of change. If you are interested in this topic we recommend this HBR article.