In laboratories there are procedures to avoid cross-contamination, unfortunately we also know that these procedures risk being violated if samples or equipment are involved in a transfer. When planning the transfer of samples or objects from the laboratory to another location it is important to have a detailed plan that takes into account the contamination risk assessments (obviously including storage of items, packaging to be used, vehicles for transport, etc.), in usually, specilazzte moving companies know how to handle the situation.
In the day of relocation it is important to know how many people will work in the laboratory and to know how they will have to move, which areas they can reach, wear suitable protective clothing, etc.
Care must be taken in keeping samples and instruments clean, therefore it must be checked that all equipment is clean before packing and moving, and the areas involved in the move must also be disinfected.
The transport of the material must be carried out by suitable vehicles, therefore it is important to make sure that these, in addition to being adequately cleaned and sterilized, are equipped with adequate fans and spaces, furthermore if they have a tracking device, you can also monitor the position, which, above all in cases like these, it can be very useful indeed.

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