In the management of a laboratory we can identify 6 safety components which are: risk, leadership, culture, habits / rituals, compliants and training / learning.

-Risk: it exists, you have to learn to live with it and find measures to make it as unlikely as possible. Each person perceives it in a different way, to find a unitary and understandable protocol.

-Leaders: in a laboratory, as in other contexts, people follow the leader for how he acts and for his example more for what he says; it is a simple concept but not easy to pursue. The example and actions of a group leader can be much more effective than words.

-Culture: The culture within a laboratory will prevail over the strategy, so care must be taken that the safety culture is an integral part of the strategy and that it is well received by everyone,

-Habits / Rituals: Old habits die hard, pay attention to the spread of bad habits, they must be prevented and changed in time, for the good of all.

-Compliace: At first glance it may seem like a boring idea or concept, but in reality it is fundamental for our safety and beyond, so especially at the design level it is something that should never be overlooked.

-Training / Learning: An organization constantly in training and learning is an organization destined for success, in this case even mistakes can become opportunities to improve, having this mindset is necessary to always have excellent results.

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