Love for work is a beautiful thing but you have to make attention to this idea, which can become a double-edged sword. This subtle borderline between passion and working life is certainly a strong point but can become fertile ground for burnout syndrome. In fact, passion can paradoxically prevent a true “detachment” from one’s work.
As we know this syndrome (recently inserted by the World Health Organization in its International Classification of Disease, IDC-11), can affect anyone, in any industry and age, obviously the incidence is greater in those purpose-driven works, in which the passion can play an important role (eg teachers, nurses, physicians etc.).
The progress of technology with the development of Artificial Intelligence could become a support but adequate boundaries must be defined in order not to invade people’s privacy.
Passion (certainly preferable to disaffection or boredom) must be a strength to improve at work and not something that consumes our private lives. If you are interested in the subject we suggest reading the article “When passion leads burnout” from