Ripple20 malware was discovered this summer. This malware may have infected various devices linked to manufacturers in Healthcare. Such a situation reminds us once again how important the issue of cybersecurity is. Over time, laboratories become more and more automated and therefore the risks associated with cubersecurity increase. Sometimes it is possible that certain malware penetrates into the personal devices of the scientists who work from home, generally these devices are less secure because they are not connected to an intranet. During these months of the spread of Covid-19 even the cases of pshising scams have increased.
The core of the protection of laboratory information systems should include these points:
-Data Protection
-Limited Network interfaces
-Software and firmware updates
-Event logging

The reflection on cyber threats is complex and very difficult, Labmanager offers us the considerations of Melissa Ventrone, leader of the cybersecurity, data protection and privacy group for Clark Hill PLC, and major (retired) US Marine Corps, we advise you to read the whole article, Enjoy the reading!