The work routine requires a series of tasks to be completed, this obviously requires energy and time, for this reason we sometimes try to cut what is not considered a priority.
One thing that is not considered a priority is mentoring. This is a task that certainly sucks energy and requires attention but few focus on the medium-long term advantages in saving time and energy.
Especially in this period, however, an idea of ​​efficient mentoring without wasting energy should not be neglected.
How? Various factors must be considered, what goal you want to reach with the mentees, what are the baseline expectations, and calibrate them according to the preferences of the mentees, as well as a budget of hours to dedicate to each person.
One way to save time and allow mentees to collaborate with each other can be to hold online conferences with them (especially in times of Covid-19). To do this you can use various groups or apps.
This and other small strategies are certainly useful once you have established the expectations of a mentorship that does not burn energy, but rather multiplies them.
If you want to learn more about the topic, we recommend the HBR article.