How often do we happen to not accept criticism, and feel offended because of these, in some areas of life, such as in the work area? Why in this area is it not in others? This is because our role in a company is as if it became our “identity”, as if we not only played a role in an organization, but we were “exactly” that role. This, on the other hand, is also normal and justifiable, because in work often each of us brings together ethics, competence, passion, etc. and a failure, whether small or large, somehow ends up damaging our image. The problem is that we need to make a proper separation between what we are and the role we play, because excessive identification with our work risks jeopardizing precisely those abilities that we put into it. The injury that can lead to a criticism or a professional failure can make us lose our lucidity. The criticism is not towards the person, but towards the role it plays in a specific area (for example, the workplace). The great passion for one’s work is positive, but it must be governed because an excessive identification towards one’s corporate role makes us less receptive to changes, needs and does not give us a “wide-ranging” vision, all very important things at a strategic level.
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