The COVID-19 pandemic has concentrated the efforts of many scientists, this has literally produced an avalanche of data.
This amount of data must be managed, a team of researchers led by Wladek Minor, Professor of Molecular Physiology
and Biological Physics at the University of Virginia, believes it is necessary to create an “advanced information system” (AIS), that is, a structure that is able to contain, share and process this enormous amount of data generated by scientists and scholars.
“Almost 100,000 COVID-19-related papers have been published and over a thousand models of macromolecules encoded by SARS-CoV-2 […]. No single human can possibly digest this volume of information,” Minor said.
Minor and his international team believe it is essential that all scientists be able to share information and speak the “same language” in order to defeat this pandemic (or another) as soon as possible. This pandemic has made us understand the need to create an easily accessible data and information management system, an organization of this type may be necessary to save lives, moreover such a platform can be replicable in the event of future pandemics, to don’t repeat the same mistakes.
If you are interested in Prof. Minor’s work, we recommend that you consult the article in Laboratory News.